We even have breakdancers performing through the Lasers! WOW!

In addition, during the show, there will be a big dance competition where the Children copy the very cool animations by dancing to what they see! A totally unique, 1 of a kind effect. Wait till you see them copy the flying eagle!!!

In advance of the show, we will design the text for the Laser to include your Daughter, Son or School names. We can add any logos or images you would like. We then feature this in 3D Rainbow colours through the Lasers!

The 3D Laser show features all the elements of the Funky Disco Show but adds extra amazement to the party. 

Dancemasters 2021 3D Laser show is set to be the biggest and most spectacular visual addition ever!

Combining amazing graphics, texts of your choosen words and name along with our "Follow the future" dance through the laser will leave children (and adults alike), spell bounded by such an amazing visual display

Note: For optimum effect Lasers work best in darkened environments. A touch of light smoke increases the effect of the beams however smoke alarmed venues may not allow the use of smoke machines.The use of smoke greatly enhances the stunning look to the Laser Show