The Amazing Set 

With over $40K of equipment being shipped from the UK, we bring our incredible set to your party. All shows included a stunning light show full of the latest in disco light technology and effects, or for that daytime outdoor event; Smoke Volcanos, foam machines and giant bubbles.  We have even designed what we believe to be a first for Australia - Air Conditioning disco light fans (see them to believe them)!!!

If you want the ultra in special effects - check out our stunning 3D Laser Disco Show here

The Funky Disco Show 

Created and perfected over 10 years of experience, the show goes way beyond a standard Disco. In fact we rather call our service a SHOW rather than a Disco.

All of our shows have a spectacular look, unique prizes, games and interactive features to ensure that your show will be huge hit for all. If you are looking

for a fresh, captivating show full of flare and energy,

we certainly have the answer.

What is included as standard in the show?

Amazing Special Effects.

Full Light show (far superior to a standard disco).

Dancemaster DJ.

Glow Prizes for all of the children.

Age related, exciting games and disco activities.

Unique spot prizes for games and competitions.

Interactive and energetic performance.

Special awards for host (Birthday Girl/Boy etc).

Age related shows to work best for ages attending.

Pre show consultation to include music choice, theme designs etc.

indoor or outside PARTIES!

Suitable show for halls, In the home,  Primary school discos, and all "function" style venues

Dancemaster Dancers are highly recommend, very unique to us and co-host the show with the DJ. Our Dancemasters are trained professionals in the world of Dance and perform a combination of easy to follow disco dances (for the younger children to be captivated by) with breath taking, high energy dance moves for the older children to be wowed by. One of the most common feedback comments made by parents is that they were so pleased they booked a Dancemaster as the children were instantly mesmerised by their performance.  We have also found that by having a Dancemaster also helps encourage the shyer children to join in with the show.  Each of our Dancers have their own specialist areas (Street dance, Breakdance, Disco Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Costume etc.) and we can advise on the most suitable dancer for your party.


to make an enquiry please

click here / telephone 04310 46650

Add our amazing  Confetti cannons for the ultimate finale! (Photo shot at Oriel Park, Ascot October 2016)


Copyright Dancemasters Disco Show. All rights reserved. All photos featured have the kind permission from parents. 

When you say "far superior to a normal disco" what does this mean? 

Many companies offer mobile discos for Children, however this can very often mean a rather basic show with a couple of flashing lights, DJ and a few well known games. 

When Dancemasters was created, we wanted to step away from what so many other companies offered. Researched proved to us that there was in general, a real lack of imagination and creativity for Children's discos and therefore we wanted to fill that void. 

Our Disco is a show, full of spectacular special effects, energy and captivation. Unique and imaginative games designed totally by us along with stunning performances such as our Dancemasters, 3D Laser option and even a live "Transformer" should you wish to book Optimus Prime as a special guest!

We are always added new and exciting options to the show. Being in tune with what is "cool for kids" and continually looking for latest features to create the "wow". 

Can we theme the show?

Yes, we will work along any theme that you choose and will incorporate imaginative games and features to be included in the show that works in line with your theme. We also offer costumes for our Dancemasters. Spiderman, Darth Vader, Princesses, Batman/girl have all featured at our shows and now you can even include "Optimus prime" (pictured) as your 3D Dancemaster!

Can you host the show in our house? 

For sure. In fact many of our first shows here in Queensland have been in people's houses. Check the photo below from the 2nd May 2015. How to transform your open plan space into an amazing disco room!

What are the prizes in the show?

As standard, for each show, we supply

Upto x100 Glow stick Bangles/necklaces (to ensure every single child receives a prize from us)

x5 Mega awards (spot prizes such as Flashing Light Sabres, Air Microphones/Saxophones etc, Special effect sunglasses and many other wild and wacky awards)

Special award to host of the party (birthday boy/girl etc)

In addition, we offer a number of very cool gifts for you to purchase on a per head basis, allowing us to take care of the take home prizes, substituting the need for party bags.

Does the show change depending on age groups?

Yes, our show is age related and therefore the games and excitement that we perform is structured to the age groups at the party. The show is recommended for ages 5-12. For the younger audience, we focus more on interactive games and activities, while for the older ages energy and stunning effects are more of the focus. The Dancemasters also vary their style by performing easy to follow moves for the younger children along with cool and current dances for the older children. 

The show is suitable for both indoor and outside parties!

What is the DJ Experience?

This is a chance for your son or daughter to become 

a superstar DJ. Before the start of their party, they can learn the art of mixing songs, operating the light show and lasers and use the incredible special effect microphone!!